PS4 Price Announced at E3

PS4 Price Announced at E3

The pricing of the next-gen PS4 was revealed today at Sony’s annual press conference at E3. The console is officially set to launch at 399 dollars, 399 euros,  and 349 pounds at the respective places where the currencies are used. While many are praising Sony for the cheaper price tag on the PS4 than its competitor the Xbox One, where exactly will this leave Microsoft in the ever happening console wars?

Jack Tretton the President and CEO of SCEA had this to say.

“We are proud to unveil today the most advanced gaming system ever created, PlayStation 4, which demonstrates everything PlayStation stands for — a relentless focus on the gamer, an inspired community of developers equipped with the most powerful technology, and the long-standing legacy to building worlds without boundaries through one-of-a-kind gaming experiences,”


He then went on to say.

“What’s equally exciting for us, however, is transforming the PlayStation ecosystem into a stronger, more vibrant destination that enables gamers to engage, share, play, and connect on their terms.”

This is exactly where Sony took advantage of Microsoft bundling the Kinect 2 with every Xbox One that is bought. Where Microsoft is using that extra $100 to buy the Kinect to bundle with the system, Sony can easily subtract that cost from there price while still targeting a very large group of gamers. Another great move by Sony was the understanding that not everybody will want to use the Playstation Eye that will be usable with their console, whereas Microsoft is making the Kinect mandatory with their system, meaning you have to have it with the system at all times. While if you plan on buying the Playstation Eye, the prices would end up being around the same, but for those who are not interested you always have the choice of simply not buying it.

Overall I think this is a very great business move by Sony which could potentially put them at the top for both hardcore and casual gamers, while keeping the Sony price tag down by a big $100 making it more affordable for all types of gamers.