Escape the Avalanche on iOS

Escape the Avalanche on iOS

Zoombugs new game Avalanche escape is going to be a fantastic mix of temple run and SSX comes to iOS. The UK based game developer is bringing its iOS game as this adrenaline filled, snowboarding game. Players race to outrun an oncoming avalanche – no easy task when you’re dodging snowploughs, falling trees, the canyon wall and humungous cliff drops. Keep your eye on the ball as this games gonna test you.

There are loads of additional with some serious air pulling off snowboard tricks to rack up those points. Collect golden snow-balls to get a boost and purchase upgrades for your character. Snowboard through the wooden cabins to fulfil your objectives or execute your finest turn to avoid them.

Psycho Steve and his cadre of fearless snowboarders: Flying Fanny, Dodgy Dan, Arctic Annie and Bob Slaye. Each of these unique character has there own special abilities which you can put to the test. And steve and his friends never go for the nursery slopes for these guys, it’s black runs and off-piste all the way.

If you use your skill to show off some amazing tricks its all your choice. Either way  Avalanche Escape! offers a compelling snowboarding challenge and many hours of game-play.

Based in London Zoombugs is an independent games and application developer and publisher focused on creating engaging games for mobile phones, social media and the web.

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