Fishing Hero Closed Beta starts May 9

Fishing Hero Closed Beta starts May 9

G4Box announced that their upcoming free-to-play MMO game Fishing Hero will be undergoing Closed Beta testing from May 9 until May 16, 2013 at G4Box’s gaming portal Z8Games.

Featuring over 20 locations and 800 species of fish Fishing Hero is perhaps the biggest offshore fishing simulator yet. In-game settings will allow players to relax in environments they feel comfortable with like modern New York, wild Norway’s Sognefjord or soothing Bora Bora’s beach. Each location will feature realistically designed, native fish types, each possessing unique, dynamic behavior changing according to water and weather conditions. Game will feature several competitive modes for teams and individuals as well as „free” mode to make sure every angling fan will experience the game at his own pace.


Fishing Hero’s Closed Beta is also a chance to win some ZPoints — Z8Games in-game currency — of $1,500 total worth. The prize awaits for those who create an account at Z8Games, like the game on Facebook and login to the game from May 9.

More information about the game as well as „Fishing Hero”’s client can be found here: