FORCED Xbox One edition announced


FORCED coming to Xbox One

Popular PC title, FORCED is to receive an Xbox One edition as part of the ID@Xbox scheme. After an incredibly troubled development, FORCED was released to great reviews and sales figures, leading Microsoft to snap the game up for Xbox One.

FORCED is a fast-paced co-op action adventure game with charming graphics.

FORCED is a fast-paced co-op action adventure game with charming graphics.

FORCED is a co-op adventure game condemning players to a fantastical gladiator school where players must fight for their freedom. Along the way there’s a huge variety of enemies, trials and puzzles for the player to overcome.

ID@Xbox was introduced several months ago by Microsoft to allow independent developers to self-publish for the Xbox One console, with a wide range of developers already announced to be involved.

Steffen Kabbelgaard, the CEO of BetaDwarf, developers of FORCED had the following to say about coming to Xbox:

“We’re super excited to be working with the newest console technology, and we are really happy to be able to let a whole new group of potential gladiators experience our game,“

The game features controls that will transfer nicely to the Xbox One system, and Kabbelgaard is confident that the Xbox One has all of the capabilities required to keep FORCED true to its nature:

FORCED has been built from the ground up to support twin-stick controls, as well as online and local multiplayer, so the transition to console is completely natural. And with Xbox One, we won’t have to worry about shortage of computing power.“

Dangerous development

FORCED has a truly remarkable development period, with the staff members putting their financial security on the line in order to get this game out of the door.

The game was partially funded using a Kickstarter campaign, but even with that, the development team worked with any upfront payment at all, and many even took our personal bank loans totalling $200,000 to fund the project.

The team even lived (and worked) in an abandoned university classroom for 7 months to produce the game.

Fortunately, the game was a resounding success, selling 150,000 copies and recouping all of the hard work and risk that the team put into the game.

The FORCED Xbox One development should be far less unstable, with release currently unknown, but expected to take far less time than the original production of three years.

FORCED is currently available for PC, Mac and Linux from Steam for $14.99.

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