Free To Play -OPINION (Star Trek Online Edition)

Free To Play -OPINION (Star Trek Online Edition)


Free to play is a great concept let the player choose if they want to pay for the game after playing the game. It also gets better if you rely on the players being lazy because Star Trek Online has a pay to get advantages but you can unlock everything if you put the time in. So people can play the game and get the top stuff slowly or speed it up with money.

It works the game is balanced and is fun (if you’re into MMORPGs or Star Trek). The only game that comes close is Team Fortress Two that one has an okay free to play but Star Trek Online is still better.

[box type=”info” color=”#fff” bg=”#8c0000″ font=”helvetica” head=”Writer’s Thoughts”]I have a special place in my cold, emotionless, blackened heart for Star Trek I love it from Patrick Stewart saying “Engage!” to Shatner being fatty Kirk. I feel the need to say this because through put the course of this I will be referencing Star Trek Online since it has the best free to play of any game ever[/box]

  Game companies  that I will not name have decided to make pay now pay later scheme with online codes, day one DLC and all DLC that follow. I mean why EA I mean why generic game company if we spend forty up pounds on a game we don’t day one DLC anything made before the release of the game should be consumers property, and online codes aren’t needed because there is always the same amount of people on the server if the person who first bought the game sold it they can’t play online. STOP IT!

star_trek_online_review_3You know who wouldn’t stand for this Jean Luc Picard, James Tiberous Kirk, and Katherine Janeway also if you can’t tell by now all of them are Star Trek captains. Don’t know if I spelt Tiberous right though. I hope if you take anything from this it is many game companies (and other companies that aren’t game companies do stuff like this) do bad things to milk money from you.