Tribes: Ascend Launches GotY Edition

Tribes: Ascend Launches GotY Edition

Tribes Ascend CoverHi-Rez Studios have just announced a Game of the Year Edition for their first person shooter Tribes: Ascend. This edition is intended to celebrate the critical success of the game, with five editor’s choice awards and Game of the Year honours.

The Game of the Year Edition will give players access to all content in the Free to Play shooter for the low price of £ 20.99 or € 23.99, with VIP members only having to pay £ 13.99 or € 15.99. The bundle is made up of over 100 weapons, including the new Shocklance as well as 9 classes, 21 perks and all DLC from previous expansions. All of this content was previously only available through micro-transactions or by using in game XP, but is now purchasable as a single pack.

tribes game of the year edition

That is one fancy gun

Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Chief Operating Officer, stresses that “nothing changes for players that are enjoying… the free-to-play model,” with the new pack merely giving gamers another option to unlock in game content.

Tribes: Ascend will further celebrate its critical success through the launch of a new patch that will give all players access to new content. First and foremost is the inclusion of six new maps: three CTF maps titled Bella Omega, Blueshift and Canyon Crusade Revival and three Arena maps called Arena Fraytown,  Arena Undercroft and Arena Whiteout. The patch has also added two skins: The Juggernaut’s Forlorn skin and the Doombringer’s Executioner skin.

In addition, the patch has made a large change to buildings in the game, with shields added to base turrets and radar stations. In order to retain balance, certain weapons and perks have gained advantages against shields, while other weapons are now at a disadvantage when attacking shielded fortifications. On top of other miscellaneous balance changes, the update has also fixed various bugs in the game.

Tribes: Ascend is available as a free download at its official site or on Steam, with the Game of the Year Edition also available at both locations. If you are a VIP member looking to buy the discounted pack, you must sign into Tribe’s website with your VIP account credentials.