GameSamba launches Remnant Knights

GameSamba launches Remnant Knights

USA based game publisher GameSamba has launched their MMO Remnant Knights using Kalydo’s cloud streaming technology, and is the first to use the Kalydo desktop launcher. With this small app, gamers can play cloud games directly from their PC desktop.

Using Kalydo’s cloud streaming technology, GameSamba’s free-to-play MMO Remnant Knights can now be played from the browser and desktop. Gamers no longer have to download and install a big client to play. Currently GameSamba is seeing an increased conversion of nearly 50% from “registration to login” since replacing the 1 gigabyte client download with the streaming Kalydo application.

“With Kalydo our gamers have more options to play and can get into the game much faster. We no longer service a large downloadable client. Gamers can choose to play from the desktop and the browser, all using Kalydo’s cloud streaming technology.”

 said Dr. Scott Wong, president and co-founder of GameSamba.

Initial results also shows gamers respond positively on a cloud game that starts from the desktop, as it provides a familiar PC gaming experience, but with much greater accessibility.  “Players don’t want to miss out on anything, especially when there has been a patch. With Kalydo players don’t have to wait and download a big update, they can start playing immediately.” explains Lonie Nguyen, Remnant Knights community manager.

Kalydo’s cloud game technology is based on “file streaming” instead of “video streaming” such as Gaikai and OnLive. Kalydo utilizes the processing power of the end user’s devices which makes it a low cost solution with no latency issues.  In addition, the low bandwidth requirements open up cloud gaming to any market worldwide.


For those not in the know, Remnant Knights is a free to play casual MMO designed for teens and the young at heart. Join with your friends as a student of the Owl or Dragon school, and fulfill your destiny as one of the mighty Knights of Kasmari! As the last of an ancient bloodline, you are the last hope to contain the threat from wild and unruly Skalari mobs. Train well, develop your skills, and meet a few friends along the way.

Remnant Knights by GameSanga has been rated “T” for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), with a ‘fantasy violence’ descriptor. For more information, visit

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