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New Lost Planet 3 debut Multi Player trailer

New Lost Planet 3 debut Multi Player trailer

Time to start packing that arctic gear because Capcom are bringing the Lost Planet series back to the snow with Lost Planet 3 and recently saw them release the Lost Planet 3 debut Multi Player trailer.

Lost Planet 3 will be a set on E.D.N. III like the rest of the series but it’s a prequel other two games in the series so the planet still looks like it’s going through the ice age compared to the tropical jungles of the second game. The story mode is set to play more like the first game as well compared to the co-op focused single player of the second one so maybe there’ll be a decent single mode this time.

But enough about the single player because this is the Lost Planet 3 debut Multi Player Trailer after all. For the most part the trailer shows two teams of humans fighting each other in what for the most part resembles team deathmatches although they do show at one point one team planting a bomb while to other fails to stop them.

imagesCAEEGKCZ New Lost Planet 3 debut Multi Player trailer

There’s a difference between being brave and stupid. This is a clear case of the second.

Besides shooting other humans the trailer occasionally shows one team fighting against the Akrid. You remember the Akrid right, there the main enemies of the series. My guess is that the Akrid will be fought in a hordes like mode although it would be fun to get to play as them although I can’t see that happening.

While the action in the trailer looks a little tame when compared to other shooters like Gears of War what Lost Planet 3 lacks in blood and exploding body parts, it seems to be making up for that with interesting weapons and gadgets. The trailer shows characters using a grapple hook at one point and what resembles a broken bubble shield from Halo.

If the Lost Planet 3 multiplayer trailer is anything to go by then the game will have plenty of interesting weapons with the trailer itself showing off weapons that shoot electricity, what appears to be ice and an explosive crossbow although that last one could just be a Akrid blowing up because it took enough damage and of course this just wouldn’t be a Lost Planet game without those VS Suits and if the trailer is anything to go by you’ll be controlling them in first person.

imagesCAJKGSQR New Lost Planet 3 debut Multi Player trailer

More shooters need weapons that shoot electricity.

Along with that the trailer briefly shows a pretty big upgrade sphere and by the look of it there will be plenty of weapons and other things to choose from but the tree shows other faces on it too so either the sphere has all of the games separate characters/classes put on the same thing or there just character skins and anybody can use choose between all of the skills.

I’m hoping it’s the second one so we’ll be able to make unique character so your personal character won’t just feel like some generic class types.

Lost Planet 3 is due to be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on August 29th and so far anyway it sounds alright. There’s nothing yet about the game that screams Game of The Year but at the same time there’s nothing terrible about it to so we’ll have to wait and see because this is the debut trailer after all.

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