Why get the Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition?

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition

Becoming a Daedric worshipping undead is optional

The nearly two year wait for the Elder Scrolls Online is almost up so it is time for the pre-order incentives. The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition allows you to play as the otherwise locked Imperial race as well as couple of little extras.You might be interested to know that you also get to play the game 5 days before everyone else.

Just remember that they don't have breath mints in Coldharbour.

Just remember that they don’t have breath mints in Coldharbour.

The main reason your probably considering the Imperial Edition is because you get to play as the Imperials. Usually unplayable due to the fact that there leaders are actively involved in Molag Bal’s plan, you’ll instead be playing as one of the Imperials who abandoned the empire meaning you get to chose any side you want and presumably where you start.

Imperials have skills unique to their class as well as crafting styles unique to them which include the ability to turn any Armour into Imperial style. Zenimax Online have stressed however that the Imperials won’t be game-breaking however.

Besides a tenth race you’ll also get your own White Imperial House which besides its look is the exact same as the normal mountable horses, your very own mudcrab as a vanity pet (well that settles that) and most interestingly the Rings of Mara. The Rings of Mara are unique in that they allow two players to gain bonus experience when playing together. On the plus-side only one of you need the Imperial Edition for the rings.

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition is currently available for pre-order both on its site at this link as well well as the regular version.