Homefront The Revolution Release Announced

Homefront The Revolution Release Announced

Crytek and Deep Silver’s Homefront The Revolution release date announced, set to come out sometime in 2015.

Published by Crytek and Deep Silver, Homefront: The Revolution will be released on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux in 2015. No exact date has been announced as of yet.

The upcoming “free-roaming” FPS promises players the ability to explore an open world Philadelphia, engaging in guerilla warfare to fight off the occupation of the USA by the Korean People’s Army. This dystopic version of the east coast city is crawling with the Korean military, forcing American revolutionaries to resort to ambush, infiltration, and hit-and-run tactics to accomplish their goals.

homefront-the-revolution-trailer_SD.mp4Players can create homebrew weapons and recruit other revolutionaries to their cause in order to better fight off the enemy. In online co-op, players form four-person resistance cells and attempt to become Heroes of the Revolution.

The game makes use Crytek’s CryEngine technology and promises to provide an environment that feels alive as days turn to night and storm clouds come and go. The game also boasts “strikingly lifelike expressions, skin and clothing.” CryEngine has been used most notably on the Far Cry series, published by Ubisoft.

Homefront: The Revolution’s Game Director at Crytek, Hasit Zala, claims that the game’s world will be one where players will feel “emotionally compelled to fight for their freedom.” On the subject of working with Deep Silver for the first time, Zala said that Crytek is “very excited to work with Deep Silver and develop an experience that underlines Crytek’s commitment to quality whilst tapping into the huge potential we saw when we first acquired the IP.”

CEO of Deep Silver, Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, believes that Homefront is “a fascinating IP with huge global potential.” Kundratitz also seems optimistic about this new partnership: “With Crytek’s technical pedigree and Deep Silver’s publishing expertise, we will take the IP to new heights.”

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