“Madden NFL 13 is the biggest game-changer in the history of the franchise,” said Cam Weber, GM of American Football at EA SPORTS. “Madden NFL 13 will deliver to our consumers the most realistic gameplay ever, and innovations like the Infinity Engine will completely redefine how fans will play Madden NFL. With deep new gameplay innovation, social integration, and an overhaul of the audio and visual presentation,  Madden NFL 13 stands as a benchmark entry for the franchise.”

This was what was said about the newest Madden game that has just been release in America. The game is powered by the all-new Infinity Engine, Madden NFL 13 delivers physics you can feel on every play. With this a lot more innovation has come from the game with updated mechanics to such as total control passing, ball hawk and read and react defensive AI, combine to create the most realistic game to date.

New Features and Modes include:

·        New Madden Ultimate Team Edition: Brand new trading cards and an overhauled card management system allows fans to curate the biggest collection ever, while new features like Solo Challenges make the mode more diverse and enjoyable than ever before. In addition, completing certain challenges and collections will allow fans to unlock special cards for legendary players and coaches that can not only be used in Madden Ultimate Team, but also carry over into Connected Careers.

·        Xbox 360 Kinect Integration: The new features don’t stop there, as Xbox 360 owners can also utilize the Kinect™ sensor for pre-play audibles and adjustments on both offense and defense. With a library of over 6,000 commands fans will be able to change plays, call receiver-specific hot routes, alter defensive assignments, call a blitz and more with the power of their voice. It’s yet another way that Madden NFL 13 presents the most authentic and feature-rich football experience ever.

·        3-D Broadcast Booth: The new commentary team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, combined with a fully-scored orchestral theme, set the table for game day, while authentic sound effects, QB cadences and player chatter bring the stadium environment to life.

·        Streamlined Live Updates: Experience extras like Madden Moments Live, roster updates and more all in one convenient location. Bonus content is also available for fans who have played previous Madden NFL titles, NFL Blitz and NFL Tour.

You can buy the game here