MindArk Announces Virtual Tycoon

Virtual Tycoon Cover

Virtual Tycoon CoverDeveloper MindArk have today announced an application called Virtual Tycoon  to be used with their hit game Entropia Universe. Currently available only on Android Phones, Virtual Tycoon will allow players to manage various aspects of the Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy (Or MMORCE) game that is Entropia.

Virtual Tycoon will give players full control over many of the systems in Entropia. A feature MindArk is particularly excited about is the ability to craft and auction all items using a mobile device. Because the mobile app offers full access to the storage system from the main game, players can easily look through the details of their items and decide which ones they want to craft and sell. This feature is greatly benefited by the application’s easily accessible blueprints, allowing players to quickly sort through the crafting system. Virtual Tycoon also allows players using the app to put items up for auction and bid on the fly, with notifications on wins, losses and other bids sent to each player’s mobile. MindArk has also designed the application so that  players may access the Accounting and Construction Systems as well as view their Avatar Skills and Profession. In addition, Virtual Tycoon allows players to view information pertaining to the Hall of Fame.

Virtual Tycoon Gameplay

David Simmonds, CEO of MindArk, feels that “Entropia Universe is non-stop”, with players needing to access their accounts “whenever and wherever”. However, he also reflects that  “people are constantly on the go”. In creating the Virtual Tycoon application, David hopes that gamers will be able to take part in Entropia even when they’re away from their computer.

Entropia Universe is the largest MMORCE in existance. The game itself is free to play, with players able to deposit and withdraw real word cash if they choose to. If you want more information on the game, check out its website. If you already play the game and want to get your hands on the new app, it’s available here. For those of you with an iPhone, the iOS version of the app will arrive early next year.