Nival’s $38 million Prime World Beta give-away

Nival’s $38 million Prime World Beta give-away

This doesn’t even include the free character skins

In what’s probably the biggest give-away by any play game, developers Nival (Blitzkreig, Etherlords, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Kings Bounty: Legions) are giving away up to $38M in-game gold to new players of their latest RPS Prime World.

Anyone who registers before 4pm EST/GMT-5 today (so you better hurry up) to automatically receive 3,000g which is around $100 for the Prime World store to purchase new in-game items like a spaghetti monster of all things and snowboarder skins.

imagesOn top of this massive give-away, Nival has also made a major and important change which they have called “Winter Revolution” which is aimed at current players, English players for the most part.

Basically from today onwards both the English speaking and the Russian servers have been combined meaning both servers can use the same features. Due to this English speaking players will see a dramatic reduction in queue times due to a new match -making system allowing English and Russian players to finally take each other on.

To get your 3,000g on top of a free character skin you can register for these offer either through Steam or here at this

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