SEGA launches new franchise strategy, Sonic Boom.

SEGA launches new franchise strategy, Sonic Boom.

SEGA launches Sonic Boom, this includes new games and a CG animated series, will this save Sonic?

Sonic, Sega’s mascot, the rival of Nintendo back in the day. However with all new consoles arising, such as the Xbox One and PS4, Sonic has slowly started to vanish into the history of gaming, but with over 70 games under it’s belt, and several animated series, SEGA isn’t prepared to let go of it’s furry blue friend.

Sonic Boom gameplay 2Sonic Boom will include a whole new look for Sonic and friends in it’s first ever CG animated series, new games for the Wii U and 3DS and even toys for children. The animated series and games will share a common narrative; meaning that they’ll be linked in terms of locations and style. With the whole new reboot for Sonic, this will definitely excite the many fans of the franchise.

Sonic Boom’s visual identity is dependent on the abilities and personality of each character, while maintaining the core identity of each character, allowing fans to identify characters from the franchise. The Sonic Boom TV series will debut on Cartoon Network in America and CANAL J and GULLI in France during late 2014 or early 2015, so there is still quite some time to wait. However there will be 52 episodes, each being 11 minutes long. Each episode starts small, and focuses on character development, however it soon climaxes into battles and saving the world from robots and more.

The TV series will serve as the prequel to the game’s story, serving a different experience from previous Sonic games. Developed by Big Red Button Entertainment for the Wii U and Sanzaru Games for the 3DS in collaboration with Sonic Team, this is the third Sonic game that’s going to be exclusive to Nintendo consoles. The developers are looking at what made the franchise great, the speed, creative levels and tight controls. However they also plan on implementing exploration and combat.Sonic-Boom-3

The Sonic toys will be created by TOMY, it will feature the new character appearances and a wide range of toys. This also includes many different kinds of toys as well, such as plush and action figures. Fans are to expect high quality toys with lights and sound.

Writers opinion: I want this to happen, but most of all I want it to succeed. With all of this merchandise and CG animated series, is this SEGA’s final stand for Sonic? I don’t know if it’s just me but we’ve been barraged with horrible Sonic games for a while, except for The Lost World which was a nice turning point in the series as it felt like a new spin on the traditional Sonic game, but it worked well. Typically you see companies throw money and games to hope for their success, and I don’t want this to happen with Sonic. I hope that the animated series will bring decent voice actors and a good story because I might even watch it. But with the developers saying they’ll bring Sonic back to what made it great, this does intrigue me and I look forward to the outcome.


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