Pirates Plunder ‘AdventureQuest Worlds’ During Friday the 13 Event

Pirates Plunder ‘AdventureQuest Worlds’ During Friday the 13 Event

Pirates Plunder ‘AdventureQuest Worlds’ During Friday the 13 Event

The popular indie game development studio Artix Entertainment that publishes free to play Browser based games to 170 million registered users, has announced that a brand new event in AdventureQuest Worlds on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Adventure-Quest-worlds-6The event has been adored by fans since the first Friday the 13th event in 2009, the gypsy pirate musician Voltaire sails back to AdventureQuest Worlds for the terrifying upocoming event. Heroes will board the pirate ship of Voltaire’s and head to Treasure Island to find mountains of riches. Opposing them is vampire ship that will cross players paths on Friday the 13th.


Event Information:

What: AdventureQuest Worlds Friday the 13th Event: Curse of the Vampirates!
When: Friday, September 13, 2013, starting at sundown
Where: In-game at www.AQ.com
Why: Join Voltaire’s crew, set sail to Treasure Island, laugh at spooktacular puns, defeat the dreaded Vampirate Captain, and claim your booty (um, Rare Items)!

Artix Entertainment’s other games include OverSoul, DragonFable, MechQuest, EpicDuel, HeroSmash, and Pony Vs Pony. They have enjoyed over ten years of success thanks to their MMO’s and free to play model.

For more information about Artix games, please visit:
AdventureQuest Worlds at www.aq.com
OverSoul at www.oversoul.artix.com
EpicDuel at www.epicduel.com
DragonFable at www.dragonfable.com
MechQuest at www.mechquest.com
HeroSmash at www.herosmash.com
AdventureQuest at www.battleon.com
Pony vs Pony at www.ponyvspony.com
Artix Entertainment games at www.artix.com
and HeroMart at www.HeroMart.com

You can follow or friend Artix on…
Twitter: http://twitter.com/artixkrieger/

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