Unique advertising campaign for The Raven, legacy of a master thief!

Unique advertising campaign for The Raven, legacy of a master thief!

Creators of The Raven use Times Adverts to advertise game.

For those who don’t know, “The Raven: Legacy of a master thief” is a point and click game in which you try to defend several gems and other such trinkets from the infamous thief, The Raven. basically, its Carmen Sandiego for an older audience but the latest advertising campaign for the games third chapter, a murder of ravens, has made a large impact that will be not forgotten for some time.

The Adventure Company, the game’s creators, did the almost unheard of by creating an advertising campaign without the sole purpose of getting people to buy their product. They took several adverts out in the Ties newspaper posing as “an individual attempting  to recover a jewel that they felt was in the hands of the wrong people”. Later adverts got more specific with the identity of the culprit with the studio finally referencing the Raven by name in the final advert.


The responses that they received were varied to say the least. They ranged from people genuinely wanting to help in the search to travelers who promised to ask around about the Raven with the oddest being a 7 verse poem from a traveler known only as “The Crocodile”.

“The Times classified adverts have been used for decades to great effect to track down missing persons and objects and we thought that this would be an ideal medium to offer up a search for the elusive Raven, from those who were genuinely trying to help in the search to the slightly more ludicrous responses, we were extremely pleased with the number and variation of responses we received to these adverts and it really demonstrates how the hunt for a master criminal can capture the public imagination.”

Those looking to play the game for themselves can find the season ticket on steam now and on the PSN and Xbox live marketplace in December.