Royal Revolt 2 launch breaks 1,500,000 in 10 days

Royal Revolt 2 launch

So now you need 1,500,000 downloads for a hit

Flaregames latest tower attack/defence game Royal Revolt 2 launch has proved it’s a massive hit as it has already reached 1,500,000 downloads in only 10 days which is a lot for a game on Android and iOS systems only.

Sometimes it's fun to reverse the roles.

Sometimes it’s fun to reverse the roles.

Part of this is down to Royal Revolt 2 being available for free and at time of writing over 500,000 players play daily. Royal Revolt 2 is the darling of reviews everywhere as the iOS version ranks number 1 for RPG’s across 71 countries with reviews from gamers averaging 4.5 stars.

On top of this Apple has placed it in a number of collections including “Editor’s Choice” and “Best New Games”. Along with Apple, Google Play has also put the game in a number of editorial picks and it also took part in the Google Play birthday promotion.

But wait what if you’re not one of the 1,500,000 players, what exactly is Royal Revolt 2. At its most basic the Royal Revolt series is a reverse tower defence game where your attacking the towers this time not the AI, mostly. The reason I say mostly is because you still have to build structures around your castle before charging head first into the enemies towers, and all while in complete 3D graphics.

Commenting on this success CEO and founder of flaregames Klaas Kersting has said that

Anyone else getting Happy War vibes?

Anyone else getting Happy War vibes?

 We’re off to a good start and have laid a solid foundation for future growth. Royal Revolt 2 has the potential to multiply its predecessor’s 10 million downloads, and we are prepared to do everything to keep players engaged and interested in the title,

So it sounds like fans of Royal Revolt 2 will be looking forward to new content in the upcoming months and with the success of Royal Revolt 2 launch you might be curious to if Royal Revolt 2 is for you and how well the those micro transactions handle/interfere. If your one of these people than in luck, there’s a review of the game right here on Einfo Games at the following link: