Scarlet Blade Gets a Website and More

Scarlet Blade Gets a Website and More

We all enjoy new things, especially if they are free, and that just what Aeria Games has done with their highly anticipated Free-to-Play MMORPG Scarlet Blade. 

Scarlet BladeAeria Games has just opened their new website which is full of awesome details of their FTP massively multiplayer online role-playing game Scarlet Blade. Having been on many gamers’ minds since it was announced last October, Aeria Games releases a brand new trailer featuring a look at some of the different characters as well as a few enemies players will face and weapons we will use. As if the new trailer wasn’t enough to gain a larger following Aeria Games has also announced that Scarlet Blade has started its invite-only closed alpha test. Scandalous fighting ladies and the game is in alpha? Sign me up for this game.

The website also features glimpses into the back story and lore of Scarlet Blade. The tale tells of an invasion of Earth by the sinister Narak and the fall of mankind. After said takeover of Earth and the near extinction of the entire human race, the few remaining earthlings must take up the mantle and avenge Mother Earth. These remaining folk are called the Arkana; an elite group of genetically engineered humanoid females who are the only few with the power and capability to bring down the Narak. I still stand behind this game whole heartily with its super power female warriors.

To check out all there is on the powerful super humanoid Arkana, go to the character section at

·         The playful Whipper, a bundle of endless energy who revels in the pain she inflicts on her foes
·         The stalwart Defender, wielding a massive sword with ease to stand between her allies and certain death
·         The noble Medic, charged with keeping her fellow Arkana’s hearts beating on the battlefield
·         The deadly Punisher, a cool and efficient killing machine with unrivaled long-range firepower
·         The stealthy Shadow Walker, who loves to get up close and feel the spray of her enemies’ blood on her razor-sharp claws

Scarlet  1

Scarlet Blade will be available to download for free and will also be free-to-play. Keep up with all things Scarlet Blade via their Facebook and we hope for a release date soon.


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