Sims 3 Roaring Heights expansion released!

Sims 3 Roaring Heights expansion released!

Another Sims 3 expansion, how many is it this time?

Sims 3 Roaring Heights adds a city called ‘Roaring Heights,’ it’s a large city nestled by the beach. But there are also a few more features such as purchasing a beat up car, however if you work hard and spend a decent time on the car you can turn it into the show of the road. There is also a whole new city to explore with new activities and Sims to meet on your Sims journey. There is brand new clothing which is exclusive to Roaring Heights which also includes a few new items. Finally the Capp family is back from Sims 2! They recently moved to Roaring Heights as they succumbed to the lifestyle on the beach, come find them and find out why they decided to move.

This expansion requires the base game; Sims 3 to play and is only available on Mac and Window systems and is purchased through the Sims 3 store for $20.

Writers opinion: I am pleased that the game developers are still working hard on the Sims 3 as it’s been out for a while and they haven’t abandoned it. But with this being the 12th expansion being released wouldn’t it be better to just leave the game alone for a bit so we can get Sims 4, the game I’ve been dying to play for so long? I enjoy playing Sims 3 to this date but I would like Sims 4 to be good at release, not needing to be patched or having a £20 fix.

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