Sims 4 Premium Membership To Offer Early Access To New Content

Sims 4 Premium Membership To Offer Early Access To New Content

The upcoming release of The Sims 4 will come with an option to buy into a Premium membership program that gives paying members access to new content not yet available to the public.

In the new gameplay video made by The Sims 4 producers, we get introduced to some new features as well as some changes to the structure of the game. For a brief moment, however, the camera shows a banner in the producer’s desktop promoting a Sims 4 Premium Membership.

The banner describes the Premium membership as having access to “exclusive items” and getting early access to new packs. These new packs include a spooky costume party, a camping trip, and a new year’s party, all with added promise of items only available to Premium members.

The video also showed off the game’s new features such as certain actions that are only available when your Sim is experiencing a certain emotion (for example: rage-induced exercise routines). Your Sim’s particular personality traits, chosen by you, will also effect how they interact with others, adding unique actions such as being able to relate more effectively from bro to bro.

The video also showed a few features that were downgraded in the new version, such as a closed-world experience with loading screens rather than the open-world universe of The Sims 3. The new Sims will also be missing the toddler life stage, certain colour palettes will be missing, and there will be no more swimming pools.

In the demo the producers showed, their characters threw a party with a number of sprites appearing at once on the screen and no lag whatsoever. This was shortly before a certain Korean dictator came to the party, baked some cupcakes, then peed his pants. The producers’ Sims then proceeded to die from laughter.

The Sims 4 will be released on September 2 in North America and September 5in the UK.

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