Star Conflict Open Beta Blasting Onto PC

Star Conflict Open Beta Blasting Onto PC

Gaijin Entertainment the ,makers of “BIT.TRIP.RUNNER”, are happy to announce the open beta to there long awaited action MMO Star Conflict coming to PC’s. The beta went live yesterday so if you want to conquer the vastness of space go sign up for the beta at

“Star Conflict” takes places in the future, were mankind seems to uncover the secrets of the Universe, which speeds up technology to a never reached boundary. But as this great discovery has been made, the finding of deserted world made by a ancient civilisation of the Precursors. This race was killed by a deadly anomaly, and as the thirst for human knowledge grows the war between opposing factions continues to fight for the knowledge of the universe. As all people from warriors to astrologers strive to get to the artifats the “Space Conflict” begins.

Many new things will be discovered and experiences made but new space pilots will be joining the fight. The faction in beta will be the Federation of the Free Planets, as well as all the previous factions.

New hanger and updated user interface, which will allow new players to navigate easier. Also, the new original gameplay elements add to the excitement, for example contracts are now available for each faction. It’s a great way to earn reputation with the faction you love as well as upgrade your loyal battle vessels.

On top of everything there is a new sector that has been unlocked, and brand new combat squads make it easier to join your friends in epic battles. There are three types of fighter- rouge scout, team fighter, and a “one man army”.

This signifies the ever-important space saying: Who’s good, who’s bad – it matters not, it matters only who has the Dreadnought!

To sign up for the beta visit: