State of Decay Lifeline DLC Details Confirmed

State of Decay Lifeline DLC Details Confirmed

Features For The New DLC State of Decay Lifeline Have Been Announced.

In this new DLC entitled State of Decay Lifeline, will feature a new map and narrative. Following a military squad that has been ordered to evacuate citizens from the area, and finding the scientists who have the knowledge to wipe away the infection. In an interview with Polygon, Undead Studio’s and founder Jeff Strain revealed that the price for the DLC will be reasonable such as the Breakdown DLC, which cost $6.99.

state_of_decay__throw_me_a_lifeline-2514209Strain went on to say that plans to continue the series are underway and that multiplayer is definitely on the table. “We have long-term ambitions for the franchise,” Strain said. “Wherever we take this, in terms of sequels, multiplayer will be built in from the beginning.”

State of Decay was a single-player game, and Undead Studios has commented before on the numerous requests from fans for a implementation of multiplayer, and that they share the same opinion. They revealed in interviews that technical problems prevented them from having it in the game or for multiplayer.

Strain said that Undead Labs would “love to take advantage of” Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. Then-Microsoft VP, Phil Spencer, who has now been promoted to Head of Xbox, told fans in June 2013, that Undead Studios has “bigger plans for the franchise,” when questioned about an Xbox One MMO.

State of Decay Lifeline is on track for an early June release there’s still no exact date at this point. We will keep you posted when the information is released.

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