The Secret World Has A New Director and New Content

The Secret World Has A New Director and New Content

Funcom, the publisher behind The Secret World has announce that Joel Bylos will be taking on the role of Game Director. He’ll be collaborating with Creative Director Ragnar Tornquist to expand the post-launch content of The Secret World.

“Being given the opportunity to lead the game into a bold, new future is definitely a dream come true for me,” says Joel Bylos, Game Director on ‘The Secret World’. “I am very proud of what we as a team have created with ‘The Secret World’, and it is truly a brilliant canvas that will allow us to create more groundbreaking MMO experiences for many years to come. ‘The Secret World’ is only really getting started, and with a game world that draws upon our own, real world, there is no limit to what sort of amazing stories we can tell and fantastic locations we can visit in the upcoming content updates.”

The development team is working on finishing Issue #3: The Cat God. And production has begun on the fourth issue expansion. The latest update has players battling a giant monster that has come from the subway system in New York City. That city is very dangerous. There’s always awful stuff happening to it in movies, and apparently everybody in every fictional universe wants to knock down good old Lady Liberty. Can’t supervillains and monsters just leave our gal alone?

Anyone who doesn’t know what The Secret World is can be forgiven, since I mostly just remember the amazing trailer. You know the one. It had an innocent-looking woman with some kickass tattoos coming home and promptly making a smoothie. When I get home, that definitely isn’t the first thing I do. I usually cartwheel around the house to celebrate the end of the work day, but to each her own. So she’s drinking her smoothie, like you do, only to turn around and have an absolutely horrible monster stare her in the face. But no worries, she kicks his butt. At least I think she does. I like to be an optimist in situations like this.

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