Your New "Summer Games" for iOS and Android

Your New "Summer Games" for iOS and Android

EnsenaSoft is very excited to announce the release of there brand new game ‘Doodle Summer Games’ and is inviting players from all over the world to partake in their very own pocket-sized summer games on iOS and Android devises.

Available as a free downloadable game and compatible with the majority of iOS® and Android™ devices, ‘Doodle Summer Games’. This game offers players countless hours of fun as you select a county, gather your friends and have some great multiplayer fun, as you compete in amazing events such as Sprinting, Short-Jump, Javelin and Cycling!

With loads of entertaining sports and highly addictive gameplay, ‘Doodle Summer Games’ is getting more and more praise as it climbs the top-download list in the App Store, and with some great graphics (done by the same genius who did the art for the award-winning ‘Doodle Hangman’), you will never put your handheld down again!

The full version of the game is to be released at the very end of August, and will have another eight additional events and plenty of extra doodling at a great EnsenaSoft price.

For more information about the EnsenaSoft visit there website at:

‘Doodle Summer Games’ is available as a FREE download from here:
Doodle Summer Games Free (Universal iOS® version)

Doodle Summer Games HD Free (Android™ Version)

Doodle Summer Games HD Free (Amazon Kindle Version)