10 Gaming locations You Should Consider This Christmas

10 Gaming locations You Should Consider This Christmas

We even have some suitable for the whole family (within reason)

Despite being a holiday celebrated by the whole family, an increasing number of people now go abroad to celebrate Christmas and we here at Einfo Travel plan to exploit this fact. So with that in mind here is a Top 10 run-down of the locations you should check out this Christmas.

Oh but before we start we have been advised to point out that Einfo Travel cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss of life and/or sanity you suffer during your visit to any of these areas. With that out of the way let’s get started.

10. Wuhu Island (Wii Sports Resort, Pilotwings resort)

Starting on the brighter end of the list we have the tropical resort Island of Wuhu. Featuring multiple different hotels and a small yet bustling town, Wuhu is the perfect area to retreat to get to get away from those cold winter nights and celebrate Christmas under the sun.

Along with the Islands well-advertised sports centre which features activities including sword fights against the Islands clones and Cycling on part of the Islands brand title new Mario Kart tracks you can also book one to one exercise routines with your own personal trainer.


Don’t forget to take part in some of the Island’s friendly hangliding competitions

For those of you not interested in spending Christmas in a pile of your own sweat, Wuhu Island features multiple activities for a more relaxed holiday sunbathing on the Islands beaches, learning to fly in with the recently relocated Pilotwings academy or catch a race at the already mentioned title, new (and probably quite expense) Mario Kart track.

Einfo Travel advice: Please ignore all rumours about the clones resembling dictators and messiah. They are just coincidences at best.

9. Albion (Fable series)

imagesCAYOF50QAt number 9 we have the beautiful and constantly changing Albion. Depending on which package you buy Albion looks completely different from practically all forest to their industrial revolution though if you’re the natural loving type may want to avoid the last package.

Speaking of the Industrial Revolution era we have been asked by the ruling king to point out that those stories about an apparent revolution being run by a member of his family are false.


In Albion even the darkest of hearts can find joy.

Albion is a perfect destination for history buffs as the country as a long history of Heroes, unique individuals with the power to change the course of history and even had a school dedicated to training them at one point till they burned it down. On top of that in the event that you run out of money (or want to buy a house of your own) local businesses are hiring and pay surprisingly well.

Albion is a country cousinly changing with a colourful characters and personalities but and this is a big but if a man called Reaver offers you a job take it, the wages are crap but you won’t die.

Travel advice: We would like to remind people Albion is not Fascist, please stop asking.

8. Silent Hill (Silent Hill series)

silent-hill-20051102012217756-000Located in Maine, New England, Silent Hill is a unique family holiday destination. Located next to Toluca Lake which you can see a beautiful view of from the Observation Deck on your way into town by County Road 73.

The town is split into two sections Paleville and South Ville with the Resort area located in Paleville which features an amusement park to help keep the kids busy as well as local bars and café so you can try out the local cuisine.

Not exactly the sort of buildings you'd expect in a some town.

Not exactly the sort of buildings you’d expect in a some town.

As well as featuring a packed Resort Area Silent Hill is surrounded by forest making it the perfect location to go for wilderness treks with the family.

Silent Hill also uniquely for a tourist town does feature heavy fogs sometimes but this just adds to the character of the town which helps draw people to the town.

The towns filled with a rich and varied history mainly featuring occults making it a great destination for history fans or people with an interest in the supernatural.

Einfo Travel advice: Please ignore any claims of anything out of the ordinary that you hear from someone called James Sunderland.

7. Skyrim (Elder Scrolls Skyrim)

To break out of character for a moment when it came to choosing just one region of Tamerial the choice wasn’t easy. While Morrowind and Cyridol where strong contenders but in the end Skyrim won because it is based on where to go during your Christmas holidays. Anyway back to Einfo Travel.

Sitting at the continent’s most northern point has given Skyrim a sort of rugged charm to the land as well as toughened the residents. During your travels we recommend that unless you’re a fighter you stay in Whiterun as Skyrim is currently going through its rebellious stage.

Whho needs safety when you can find views like this

Who needs safety when you can find views like this

While this does make it sound like Skyrim sound like quite a hostile holiday destination and the locals aren’t exactly the friendliest(it’s actually the reason its number 7) for any up and coming herbalist the bounty of different types of herbs surely means that the risks out way the rewards but please don’t piss off the local wildlife especially the giants unless you want to be able to see where you’re staying from the other side of the hold.

While some people might see this risks as a reason to avoid Skyrim, for those who come Skyrim really is the sort of place where you can go off and do whatever you want and you may want to take up a more permanent residents in which cause head to the Jarl of Whiterun and offer you services.

Travel advice: Einfo Travel will not attempt to secure your release in the events that you get captured by the Thalmor because you openly worshipped Talos. We will take their side over you’re in the event that they send someone to visit us in person.

6. Omega (Mass Effect series)

Afterlife MSListen before I even start we need to emphasise that you should not under any circumstances PISS OFF ARIA L’TOAK, she’s in charge for a reason we’re feed up of explaining to people why she gets away this stuff.

Moving away from the negative Omega is the perfect destination for anyone fed up of all that Christmas crap and just want to get as far away as possible and an asteroid in the Terminus System is pretty far.

The assari name for Omega is "the heart of darkness"

The assari name for Omega is “the heart of darkness”

Surprisingly for a planet with little to no law, Omega is surprisingly safe due partly to Aria but also to a vigilantly running around called Archangel. Due to this crime is at an all time low although headshots are at a all time high.

While this may be the case let’s be honest if safeties your biggest concern that we recommend the Citedal but Omega just has more character. On Omega as long as you have the credits you can get anything you’re looking for so it’s also a great drop off point simply to get presents.

The center of Omega’s nightlife is the Afterlife, a multiple section nightclub owned and operated by Aria (read the first sentence again)

Travel advice: DON’T PISS OFF ARIA. Also if you meet a green-skinned assari called Morinth don’t bed her, she will literally blow your mind away.

5. Port Tanzia (Monster Hunter Ultimate 3)

MHMoving away from the villages and countries we have Port Tanzia, the perfect place for both the adventurous and the nature lover.

Due to the ports unique location as well as its excellent transport system Port Tanzia offers you great tours of the locate areas like the Deserted Forest, Tundra and even an active Volcano just to name a few. Don’t worry about the heat and cold either because Port Tanzia sells Hot and Cold drinks to combat the elements.

These areas offer a huge array of wildlife unique to these regions that we bet most natural lovers haven’t seen before though we do recommend hiring someone for protection. On a side note don’t be surprised if the hunter you hire kills everything your admiring, remember that while for you these creatures are unique, for them they can be more than a hassle.

In the event that your this close to a Rathlos, pleease hope your papers are in order

In the event that your this close to a Rathlos, pleease hope your papers are in order

For the more adventurous amongst you, the local hunters guild are always hiring and admission is free and we recommend you take the training offer they provide for all newbies. Becoming a hunter is also a great way to meet new people (as long as you don’t buy the 3DS package anyway) and before long you’ll be hunting wyverns and making weapons and armour.

But that’s not all Port Tanzia along with reasonable accommodation also have shops, a chief run by the local felynes and a Coliseum where you can watch hunters taken on to best captured wyverns or even take part yourself.

Einfo Travel advice: For all tourists we recommend that you don’t use flash photography as it tends to become enrages the wyverns and that’s not good for your health

4. Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park (Sonic Colours)

SCMade up of four separate planets and only accessible through a space elevator Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park is unlike anything else on this list. The park was designed and is named after Doctor Eggman as a sort of apology for his multiple attempts at world domination.

While the newest addition to the park Planet Wisp isn’t ready for visitors yet, the other four planets are definitely unique, each with their own themes, rides and even custom-made soundtracks paid for by Eggman himself.

Presonally I'd settle for a copy of the soundtrack.

Presonally I’d settle for a copy of the soundtrack.

For people looking for a calm and relaxing area amassed all this noise we recommend Aquarium Park with its calming water features and awesome yet soothing soundtrack. Lovers of rollercoasters and death-defying leaps should check out the Asteroid Coaster while lovers of food should head start for Sweet Mountain, not recommend for anyone who just started a diet.

Finally fans of spectacles and technology will be blown away at the Starlight Carnival, a brightly coloured feast for the eyes and packed with space ships warping in from who knows where. Each of the currently available park are all suited with top of the range facilities as well as themed food courts so don’t forget to try the Bucket O Sushi at the Aquarium Park food court.

Along with featuring soon to be five planets filled with rides and entertainment Eggman’s Amusement Park also includes Game Land, an area that simulates what it must really be like to be the Blue Blur himself Sonic. Interestingly enough you unlock levels here by using red coins which are scattered across the Amusement Park as a sort of scavenger hunt.

Travel advice: Unlike any other theme park pay attention the PA announcements, there genuinely hilarious.

3. (Insert the name of your village here) (Animal Crossing series)

261308-animal_crossing_screenSo far on this list we have featured nowhere you could reasonable go if all you want to do is get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a while and just relax. To that end we have (Insert name of village here).

Only connected by one bus route (Insert name of village here) is a quaint little village. In fact they only have a café, museum as well as two stores but what the town lacks in facilities it sure and makes up for in the friendly locals who’ll do all they can to make sure you feel welcomed.

If only two stores is a bit of a bummer to you than don’t worry because (Insert name of village here) is also connected by a free bus service to a nearby city with plenty more stores with classier stock including auctions, fortune tellers or even catch a show in The Marquee.

And if you love (insert name of village here) you can now apply for the position of mayor.

If you love (insert name of your village here) you can now apply for the position of mayor.

Besides spending your days lazing around on the beach and talking to the locals, (Insert name of village here) is also the prefect holiday local for budding fishers and insect lovers due to the villages surprisingly varied wildlife.

Sign up now and you’ll make it there before “The Night That Jingle Comes To Town”. A yearly tradition that takes place Christmas Eve when Jingles the black nose reindeer visits the town for Toys Day. Oddly enough despite being called Toys Day he hands out furniture and wallpaper from the extremely rare Jingle series. Rumour has it this is the only way you can get it.

No matter what you do while you’re visiting (Insert name of village here) make sure you check out The Roost in the basement of the local museum. While yes this is a weird spot for a café every Saturday night local artist K.K Slider appears to play his music and hand out tracks for attendances stereos. Trust us waiting till Saturdays is worth it and the coffees not bad either.

Travel advice: If a Mr Tom Nook offers to build you a house, say no unless you want to spend years paying off increasingly higher mortgages, you’re on holidays after all.

2. Lumiose City (Pokémon X and Y)

imagesCAU50R20But wait you want to want to celebrate Christmas while living in style. Well in that case as long as you have the money Lumiose City is the place for you. Lumiose City is the capital city of the Kalos region and as such is the centre of all things stylist and expensive.

For those with the cash Lumiose also includes the region’s best hotel the Richisme. Rooms cost a lot, considering the name 1 million poke dollars (or whatever the currency is called) but if you’re ever in the need for money in the Kalos region the Richisme also provides part-time work.

In this picture you can see Prism tower as well as a trainer running away from the gym.

In this picture you can see Prism tower as well as a trainer running away from the gym.

Next to the Richisme hotel is the Kalos regions Museum which features art from famous artists all over the world as well as painting of areas throughout the world including the famous Battle Frontier.

Lumiose City also has over 5 restaurants scattered across the city as well as a ton of café each aimed at a certain cliental so there’s bound to be a café to suit your tastes. On top of that there’s multiple shops and a stylist boutique to boot though you may not be allowed in till you prove your stylist enough.

Speaking of the services don’t be surprised if someone asks you for a tip after you do most things, it’s just something tied to their culture and it’s considered stylist to do so.

In the centre of Lumiose City is the Prism tower. Along with serving as both a stunning landmark as well as a symbol for the city, Prism Tower also contains the cities Pokémon Gym but unless you plan to move to the Kalos region we recommend giving the gym a miss unless you enjoy grinding.

Einfo Travel request: Please don’t catch the Pokémon during your trip to Kalos, we can’t afford to keep paying off the animal welfare groups.

1. Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto 5/ San Andreas)

imagesCAYIKPASAnd now at number one we have Los Santos which got this spot purely because it’s the perfect holiday destination for anybody this Christmas.

Situated in the State of San Andreas, Los Santos is one of the three largest cities in the region. After a wide scale riot a few years back the whole city has been transformed into the second biggest city in America.

Sometimes it's not the glamour that draws people to Los Santos

Sometimes it’s not the glamour that draws people to Los Santos

As everybody knows, Los Santos is famous for the stars that call the city home and live in Vinewood and in the Rockford Hills. For people visiting with a smaller income, Los Santos isn’t just for the rich and famous with plenty of locations available for rent South Los Santos.

Los Santos features something to do for anybody’s tastes from seeing to the stars (we don’t endorse staking by the way) to relaxing on some of the cities multiple beaches or jet skiing around Los Santos bay on top of the multiple luxury golf courses.

But let’s say you’re more of a nature lover, well in that case Los Santos is still perfect for you as the city is surrounded by a rich countryside filled with lush forests, rivers as well as Blaine County desert.

Finally for any nature lover a trek up Mt. Chiliad is a must. Being the tallest and most well-known mountain in the State, Mr Chiliad offers the best view of Los Santos and the surrounding area and when you’re finished soaking in that view base jump off. Not only is it the fastest way down but the most fun as well.

Los Santos really is full of opportunity so don’t be surpised if you end up wanting a more permenant place to stay and there’s plenty of locals who can help you with that.

Travel advice: Please leave your conscience at the airport once you arrive in Los Santos, it’s just easier that way.

So that’s Einfo Travel list of the top 10 gaming locations you should consider this Christmas but here’s the thing what’s your favourite areas in gaming, inside and outside of this generation?

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