Free to Play PC Games of July 2013

Free to Play PC Games of July 2013

Here is your latest Free to Play PC Games Update on Steam and The Web for July 2013.

  • Elsword: A free-to-play online action RPG that takes advantage of side-scrolling action gameplay mechanics. It offers deep customization, bringing a unique manga experience to life. In Elsword you star in your own comic book while experiencing the best of a MMO.elsword_trappingranger_20130212_01
  • Dota 2: A very competitive, action strategy game, played both casually and professionally by millions of players worldwide. You can pick from a pool of over hundreds of heroes, forming two teams with five players.ss_09f21774b2309fcb67a2d9f8b385b47c48e985ff.1920x1080
  • HeroesGo: A free to play MMORPG where players choose from one of 4 classes, all with there unique abilities. Along with the 4 classes, players get to choose from 2 subclasses once they reach level 20, giving the game a better playstyle. You level your character by going through a main quest line. The game also features a PVP arena that is available at level 10.20130508035522a0dgwyer2cocfo7g
  • Arcane Saga Online: A 3D themed fantasy MMORPG that takes place on a cursed world. You take the role of a hero, helping to free the world and grow in power and fame. It also features a extensive combat system, giving players a unique range of skills to learn while playing through the game.


  • Rift: Once a pay to play game, Rift just recently turned to a free to play model. You take the place of either a Guardian or Defiant as you choose from 40 unique souls to create your class. Souls are used to change the characters abilities that they can use to make there own personal playstyle. It also offers dynamic events which spawn multiple enemies, usually requiring groups of players to take down. Ignoring these events will hurt the player, as enemies will take over nearby towns. Rift offers a expansive endgame which will give you much more to do even once you have beaten the main storyline.


  • The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: A hack-n-slash MORPG where players construct there own custom castles with traps or deadly monsters to protect their loot from enemy players. Once you have built your castle, you may attack other players to gain their loot, while leveling up as you do so.

That is the end of all of the free to play games this month, which one are you most looking forward to play?


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