Industry fights back as YouTube begins mass cull of game videos‏

Industry fights back as YouTube begins mass cull of game videos‏

Ubisoft, Capcom, Blizzard and Deep Silver pledge to resolve automatic copyright blocks

Many developers and publishers have offered a helping hand to YouTube users who have reported an increasing amount of claims made about their videos in the recent days.

Since Monday, many YouTube members have experienced strikes on their channel, as website owner Google introduces a brand new system that detects content in breach of copyright. When the content has been flagged, further revenue made from the videos will be delivered to the copyright owner and not the member – culling the entrepreneurial business of YouTube made standard over the years. However, many of the copyright owners have not asked for these changes to occur, and are now beginning to help users restore their business after hearing of the complaints made.

One YouTube personality, TetraNinja, with over 500,000 subscribers, said that more than 350 of his videos have been flagged. Another famous member, GhostRobo (600,000 subscribers) claimed that one hundred of his videos have been flagged as well.

YouTube star TheRadBrad (nearly 2 million subscribers) has criticized Google of its new policies. He now claims that “every video I’ve uploaded since 2010 is slowly being taken away from me”.

The strikes against profiles has been reported as random and unnerving, with members making their primary income by commentary videos on video games. When a video has become flagged, channel’s owner no longer has certain privileges. Google’s new system has been unresponsive regarding the flagging of videos, but now a many number of game companies have stepped forward to help. Companies such as Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Deep Silver have offered help toward the disputes.

A representative for Blizzard, writing on the Starcraft 2 Twitter account page, has asked YouTube users affected to contest all copyright claims “so we can quickly approve them”. Meanwhile, Maurice Tan, the international community manager for publisher Deep Silver, has told his Twitter followers to make contact if their videos have been affected.

Ubisoft on Tuesday told CVG that it plans to resolve all the copyright issues in twenty-four hours. It said:

“If you happen to be hit with claims on any of your Ubisoft content, it may be that some of the audio is being auto-matched against the music catalogue on our digital stores – it might show up as being claimed by our distributor ‘idol’. In such cases please take the following steps and we can get it cleared for you.

  • 1. Leave the video live for now.
  • 2. Send us the URL of the affected video and let us know who flagged it.
  • 3. We’ll get it cleared hopefully same day.”

Support has also come from the Diablo and Capcom Twitter accounts.

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