Killzone: Mercenary Details Released

Killzone: Mercenary Details Released

Killzone: Mercenary details released by developer Guerrilla Games along with an in depth Q&A of what players can expect from their much anticipated first person shooter. This handheld title has kept to it’s consoles predecessor with not only being a first person shooter but having an epic single-player campaign and fast paced multiplayer all on the go exclusively for PlayStation Vita. In Killzone: Mercenary players will be part of a ruthless Mercenary faction taking missions from both the threatening ISA and the murderous Helghast. In Killzone: Mercenary there is no good or evil there is only the mission and the money that is rewarded.

Based on a series of key events from the Killzone trilogy, Killzone: Mercenary explores a variety of themes from greed to revenge as well as the conscience against an epic full-scale military invasion. The story of Killzone: Mercenary is about Arran Danner a veteran UCA soldier though now a mercenary for hire helping both the Helghast in the liberation of Vekta and also hired by the ISA to counter attack against the Helghan army. However a routine mission to evacuate the Vektan Ambassador as well has his family from Pyrrhus leave Danner up against deadly power struggle for the life of the Ambassador’s young son. The fate of the boy could change the course of the war with both sides doing whatever is necessary to get hold of him forcing Danner to question whether the price of victory is too high regardless how big the pay check.


PlayStation®Vita Key Features
Tilt: Gyro aiming for all weapons (optional)

Front touch screen: Brutal melee, interrogations, swap weapons, equip Grenade, VAN-Guard deployment, hacking interface

Rear touch pad: Adjust zoom level of sniper scopes, tap and hold to initiate sprint (optional)

Microphone: Multiplayer voice chat (through Party app)


Q. How long has it been in development?
A. We started quite a while ago with a relatively narrow team utilizing the KZ3 engine and all tools associated to the Vita. Once that was done, we ramped up and started fully developing Killzone: Mercenary. The timeframes are similar to the previous Killzone titles.

Q. How big is the team working on KZM?
A. The core team in Cambridge is about 60 people, and we have some people in Amsterdam leveraging the existing knowledge of the Killzone franchise and the technology behind it.

Q. Will there be a special edition? What are plans for DLC?
A. There are no plans at this time.

Q. Will there be a multiplayer Public Beta?
A. Yes, more details following at a later date.

Q. Which of the Vita’s unique features does KZM use?
A. Most importantly the twin sticks for shooter controls, and its processing power to produce console-quality visuals. Secondary are touch controls for brutal melee and various actions like swapping weapons, changing zoom level of your radar, etc., and tilt for precise sniper aim.

Q. What is Mercenary about?
A. You play as a mercenary, a new faction in the Killzone universe. Every action earns you money, the more skilled you play the more money you earn. You have a single bank account so anything you earn/buy in SP you have in MP and vice versa. You can spend your money at an arms dealer called blackjack on weapons and gear and fully customize your player character to match your play style. Every encounter in the game supports the way you prefer to play; guns blazing or stealth. We have  adjusted the AI to respond and behave intelligently. Also what is cool about not belonging to the ISA or HGH is that we will have you play on BOTH sides.

Q. What can you tells us more about the art?
A. The entire art team was really excited about having a handheld platform that could show off the KZ3 engine to its full extent. We wouldn’t have to make any sacrifices to get to the quality our artists want to work to. At the same time it was very nice to be able to return to some of the locations of the previous games in the franchise. Some of those we’re from the days of the PlayStation 2 and the PSP, now we could finally make those how we always imagined them without having to tone down our vision because of limitations in the hardware.

Q. How many missions and how long to complete?
A. Killzone: Mercenary features 9 single player missions, each takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete (varies by player skill), so about 6 to 9 hours for a straight play-through of the game.

Q. Are there different difficulty settings?
A. Each mission is playable on 3 different difficulty settings, with increasing difficulty  offering a greater financial reward for completion of the mission.

Q. What about replayability?
A. On completion of the initial play-through of a given mission, 3 mission challenge modes become unlocked. The mission challenge modes add an additional layer of objectives for the player to complete when they replay the mission, encouraging different play styles.

Q. Does Mercenary have multiplayer?
A The multiplayer experience has been designed to provide a fast paced experience with maps tailored  for eight players. Killzone: Mercenary will provide the player with a diverse range of weapons, grenades, armor, and special VAN-Guard devices with which the player can customize their multiplayer load-out slots. This customization supports the tactical element of the game; will you armor yourself up and go in like a tank, or take a more precise approach and assassinate enemies stealthily? As with the single player experience the special VAN-Guard weapons charge as you earn money, in multiplayer we add to this through the deployment of supply capsules. These devices are fired into the environment with a fully charged VAN-Guard weapon, if you can get to it before anyone else it can be a game changer. The supply pods therefore become dynamic hotspots on the map keeping the action moving Every day we track the rate at which players are earning money, in turn we award everyone in the community with a rank which we present as a valor card. The valor card plays a key role in multiplayer where players drop their card upon their death. Dropped valor cards can be collected, earning the player money and adding the card to the player’s collection. If you can complete a suit or the whole deck, then major rewards are given.

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