Monolith Soft Debuts New Game For Wii U

Monolith Soft Debuts New Game For Wii U

Monolith Soft Debuts New Game 

During Nintendo’s Direct conference Monolith Soft debuted their new game. Right now, all it’s called is ‘X’. I’m sure that’s just a code name and when we get closer to 2014 Nintendo and Monolith Software will give this game a proper title and some details. Right now, we don’t have much detail on this new project, but here’s what we do have:

A brand new title developed by Monolith Soft, the creative force behind Xenoblade Chronicles is creating an open world for players to explore. Players can ride human-shaped robots at certain points in the game, or use the robots to battle enemies in the sky. The game is scheduled to launch in 2014 exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii U.

Plus, we have a trailer, so let’s break down this trailer a bit and see if we can muster up some details.

Right off the bat this game looks fantastic. It isn’t on the level of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but it’s still really good looking and it doesn’t have to be. Graphics like this will suffice…which let me emphasis, they aren’t bad, at all, it definitely is a good looking game. So, As more of the trailer plays the camera pans back and we see a very big city as a helicopter flies on by.

Next, we see a little gameplay footage. Our protagonist is walking down a sidewalk with some trees to his left, and a building to his right. Then we see him running through a grassy field with a monster. Next scene is a desert type area with more robots and monsters in the area. After that our protagonist is running through some sort of area that is very high up. Monsters to his left and right, and a building straight ahead. Then once again in a grassy type field at night with a dinosaur looking thing walking around. Then we see these areas again, but this time we are controlling a robot as we are flying and running through these areas.



All in all, it looks as though Monolith Soft has really created a big, beautiful world just waiting to be explored. The Wii U may not have many games to go out and get, but this one created by Monolith Soft – who have a very good reputation for making good games – may very well be one to get. Monolith Soft’s X is scheduled to come out in 2014 exclusive to the Wii U, and we look forward to hearing more about it in the coming months.