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What’s new in the Fable Anniversary Edition

What’s new in the Fable Anniversary Edition

Fable’s celebrating its nearly 10 year anniversary with one hell of a nostalgia trip.

Despite revealing the fact that Fable 1 was getting a HD remake, the recent Fable Anniversary Edition trailer told us nothing except that a lot of people want it Lionhead Studios have released information on what to expect.

Before I begin I want to bring upthe fact that the Fable Anniversary Edition will include the Lost Chapters expansion pack which is a good thing since the Xbox Live version of Fable 1 never came with it for some reason.


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On the plus side Fable 1 was the game with the most magic powers to play with

The Fable Anniversary edition will be a major leap forward compared to the original Fable and the entire soundtrack is getting remastered for the 360 as well. The games graphics will be in 1080P HD and the developers are devoting a lot of their time to improving the original game with new models, lighting, special effects etc.

Lionhead are aiming to make Fable Anniversary the fastest version of Fable every as they revealed that it will have lightening quick loading times. Players will be able to save at any time they want as well, even during a quest which is convenient.

Interestingly enough your also going to have the option to change the games control schemes to play more like Fable 2 or 3 if you like those controls more.

As you may expect the game will also come with the Xbox 360 standard 1000 achievement points that Lionhead are hoping will encourage players to really explore Ablion and get the most out of it which is the way the achievements should be done.

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This genuinely looks miles better than Fable 1 ever did.

Finally anyone who owns a Windows 8 device will be able to use it to interact with the in game world by letting you look at your map, discover new locations and for some reason take screenshots that you can then upload on the social media of your choice.

The Fable Anniversary Edition hasn’t been given a release date yet at the time of writing except that its coming out this year .

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