MotoGP 14 New screenshots for PS4

MotoGP 14 New screenshots for PS4

Feel the brand new graphics engine’s power in the latest screenshots featuring Gran Premio bwin de España- Jerez

The popular and well-recognized studio Milestone, released their first HD screenshots for the new generation console PS4. The game is also coming out in June for Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC, and Playstation Vita. Game director Andrea Basilo, reaffirmed his excitement about the game and its power:


As promised before, here’s the first batch of screenshots released for MotoGP™14. As you can see this year’s graphics details are more detailed than ever. In a dynamic and fast racing game such as the MotoGP™ one,


visual effects and environments’ details are usually less perceived. That is why we wanted to capture the essence of the track with striking images, displaying how much our talented artist’s team, thanks to the technical potential of next-Gen platforms, is able to replicate realistic and photographic environments as never done before. Please find the range of screen shots and all the latest news on our Facebook’s gallery or our official web site and give us your feedback”


14-790x444The beautiful Gran Premio bwin de España – Jerez: which was built in 1986, and then had hosted its first Grand Prix only a year later, has now become one of the most popular races in the MotoGP venue. In the south of Spain, near a valley that has been graced with a scenic view, and is home to over 250,000 spectators. With two circuits (4,423m and 4,428m) which again came back in 2005 with updated facilities.

MotoGP 14, will feature racers from the official season of 2014, and 2013, plus over a hundred more different riders to choose from and test the 18 tracks.

Developed by Italian Milestone Studio, MotoGP™14 will be available from June 2014 on Xbox 360®, Windows PC®, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita and on PlayStation®4.

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