Newton Adventure Gets Mods!

Newton Adventure Gets Mods!

Newton Adventure Mod Pack coming to the 2d rotating platformer

Newton Adventure, the free 2D PC rotating platformer is getting a new Mod Pack. While the base game is indeed free, the Mod Pack will have a pay what you want pricing model. In Newton Adventure players utilize classic run and jump movements, but in a unique twist players can also rotate gravity 360°.

Players will use this unique ability to transverse 30 themed levels while avoiding traps, killing enemies, and finding the key to the exit. The game’s design provides levels with a variety of action, dexterity, and puzzle solving.


Newton Adventure Base Game Highlights: 

  • original rotating platformer gameplay.
  • 16 bits console style graphics.
  • 5 quests of 6 levels each with different themes.
  • Run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Gamepad support.
  • French, German and English translations.
  • Free (no DRM, no ingame purchase, no ads…)
  • Source code available.

 Newton Adventure Mod Pack Highlights: 

  • Two new mods: deluxe and retro.
  • The “deluxe” mod add 3 special quests with a new Bomb falling gameplay element!
  • New color coded puzzles
  • New accelerators add force to objects that pass through them!
  • The “Retro” mod comes with a new neon graphic style and  a new gameplay mode

The Newton Adventure base game is available now, and the mod pack comes out September 15th 2013. For more information head over to the game’s website

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