Shadow Warrior Soundtrack Samples Released

Shadow Warrior Soundtrack Samples Released

The first three tracks from the official Shadow Warrior soundtrack are now available for streaming.

Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog, the companies behind the upcoming remake of the 1997 cult classic, Shadow Warrior, have given fans an insight into the atmosphere of the game by releasing three of the game’s tracks on Soundcloud for fans to listen to. The soundtrack has been penned by Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, Michał Cielecki, and Adam Skorupa, who had previously worked on the critically acclaimed The Witcher series. Fans can listen to the released tracks here.

The reboot of Shadow Warrior sees players take control of Lo Wang, who is sent by his employer to recover a legendary blade, but along the way Lo Wang discovers that there are much more serious and sinister plans in motion, including the resurrection of Ancient Gods who strive to destroy the world. The game will allow players to combine swordplay, gun-toting and magic to battle against these evil invaders, with a considerable amount of customisation and upgrading at the player’s fingertips. Weapons range from the legendary katana Lo Wang is sent to claim, to shotguns, revolvers and crossbows.

The three released tracks are of the style that you’d expect for this kind of game. The titular track ‘Shadow Warrior’ combines Asian elements with the driving, rhythmic style that wouldn’t be out of place in a Call of Duty title. ‘Incompatible Feelings’ is similarly Asian influenced, but is much slower and more contemplative, suggesting that the title features more than just heavy-handed gunfire and combat.

Shadow Warrior is to be released for PC on September 26th, and players can pre-order the game from Steam now for a 15% discount.

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