Play Nintendo E3 2014 announcement

Play Nintendo E3 2014 announcement


For some time now Nintendo while at E3 has approached the event with different strategies on how to announce their games and new systems, and in 2014 Nintendo plans to extend that stance with a series of brand new channels that can communicate to the audiences around the world. Nintendo introduces the Nintendo Digital Event with a Super Smash Bros. Tournament and numerous game demos.

Nintendo at E3 2014 will be under a brand new banner called, “Play Nintendo.”

In 2014 two Super Smash Bros. titles will be released both on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. To celebrate Nintendo is inviting 16 skilled players to the NOKIA L.A. live to compete in a tournament. Thousands of fans can watch via streaming sites and watch as their favorite mascots battle, while celebrating everything Super Smash Bros. related. More information is planned to be released about the announcers and how to sign-up soon.

  • Nintendo Digital Event

Last year Nintendo opted out of a traditional conference at E3 and decided to announce news with Nintendo Direct, and they plan to continue this trend with “Nintendo Digital Event”, which will announce Nintendo news on Tuesday, June 10th.

  • Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3

This year the Treehouse will serve up news directly with in-depth game demos that are unscripted. This new program will be streamed during E3.


More details about each event, including dates, times, locations and game content will be revealed shortly. To follow all of Nintendo’s E3 activities, keep an eye on Nintendo’s Facebook pages, Twitter feed and YouTube channel. Or visit

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