Pokemon Launch Official Pokédex App For iOS

Pokemon Launch Official Pokédex App For iOS

The Pokemon Company International announced that the official Pokédex application is now available for the iPhone, iPad mini and iPod touch. The Pokédex app which recently released in Japan is an illustrated encyclopedia of all 649 Pokemon.

The app also provides gamers in America and  Europe with a new way to access  information about their favourite Pokémon.

The Pokedex app for iOS  provides a wide range of data. The app also provides easily accessible information  for each Pokémon. The app gives fans information on how to evolve their Pokémon, locations and battling strategies for each Pokemon.  The Pokédex for iOS can also be used as  companion for games which include the recently released £DS games Pokémon Black and White 2.


After downloading the official Pokédex for iOS (£1.49) fans will have immediate access to the Unova Pokédex. Potential Pokemon masters will be able to quickly browse Pokémon either by name or by Pokemon number, move, ability, or type.

The application interface allows users to sort Pokemon in numerous ways based on their distinctive characteristics. In the application once a user chooses a particular entry, a detailed and dynamic 360-degree image of the Pokémon appears with a full encyclopedia entry.
Gamers can also upgrade their Unova Pokedex to a National dex. Once users purchase Pokédex for iOS, they can search the app’s Store to purchase the full National Pokédex, region by region: Kanto, and Sinnoh for £3.99 GBP each. Every regional Pokédex features the same level of information provided by the Unova Pokédex.

Pokédex for iOS can be switched from English to French, Italian, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

For information about the Pokédex for iOS application, please visit: www.pokemon.co.uk/pokedexios.

To download the application  you can search “Pokédex” on the Apple App Store here.