Tons of New Mario Kart 8 Gameplay Features Revealed

Mario Kart 8 Gameplay Features


With less than a month to go until Mario Kart 8 is officially released on 30th May, Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct video revealing just enough information to keep fans excited for potentially the hottest Wii U exclusive of the year.

New items and characters were just some of the gameplay features revealed, alongside Mario Kart TV, a new in-game channel allowing players to watch highlight reels of their races, and a detailed explanation of the online multiplayer component of the game.


Mario Kart 8 allows up to 12 players to compete at a time, and offers a wide range of ways to find opponents. For instance, players can choose whether to compete against players from all over the world, or on a much more regional level.

Mario Kart 8 Gameplay Features

Pink Gold Peach joins the equally creepy Metal Mario in Mario Kart 8. Metal people need love too.

For those players who prefer to race against their friends, Mario Kart 8 is to include chat in the in-game lobbies, so players can talk to one another whilst waiting for their slower friends to join in.

There’s also the option to create tournaments to compete against either friends or other gamers globally at set times to really test who’s best.

As always ghost data will also be recorded so that there’s always friendly competition to race against regardless of the date and time.



Mario Kart 8 also makes it easier to rub a friend’s face in it when they’re left them trailing behind, including Mario Kart TV which allows players to watch highlights of the races and even post them to the Miiverse and Youtube for the entire world to see.

For those who’re interested in watching the very best Mario Kart players in the world, Mario Kart TV will provide access to the world’s most popular highlight reels.

The new 'Crazy Eight' collection of items could quickly change a whole race. Mario has never looked more threatening.

The new ‘Crazy Eight’ collection of items could quickly change a whole race. Mario has never looked more threatening.

Additional Items and Playable Characters

To top it off, Mario Kart 8 adds to the already extensive list of characters by adding in Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach, the princess’ own equivalent of Metal Mario, bringing the total to 30 available drivers.

New items include the Super Horn, which blows away anything around the player, and the Crazy Eight, a collection of eight items that lucky drivers will be able to use one after the other.


Nintendo also announced a scheme which will allow players to receive a free Wii U title to download with any copy of Mario Kart 8 purchased.

Whether bought from the Nintendo eShop or at retail, players will be able to register the Club Nintendo PIN that accompanies the game at any point before 31st July 2014 to receive a free download code for one of ten WII U games.

The list of games included in the deal is really impressive, featuring some of the Wii U’s most successful and critically acclaimed titles. The full list is below: 


Nintendo only recently revealed a host of other features, including other characters, more details on the impact of antigravity in the latest game and some information on the tracks available.

Mario Kart 8 will be released in just under a month on May 30th, exclusively for the Wii U.

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