The Daedra: Immortal Fiends of Tamriel

The Daedra: Immortal Fiends of Tamriel

In many fantasy universes, there often exists a race of creatures from an alternate plane of existence. In the world of the Elder Scrolls, these creatures are called the Daedra, immortal beings from the planes of Oblivion.

The Daedra did not participate in the creation of the mortal realm, and so unlike their kin the Aedra, they retain all of their powers, making them deadly adversaries. It should be noted however, that while the destruction that Daedra are capable of may lead to much death and malevolence, labelling Daedra as “evil” is inaccurate; rather they are beyond mortal comprehension. Daedra are in fact capable of being benevolent, as in the case of the Daedric Princess Azura.

There are many species of Daedra, though many of the ones an adventurer is likely to come into contact with will be lesser Daedra. Here is a selection of various types of lesser Daedra:


The Scamp is a mischief maker, often tasked with errands given to them by their Daedric Prince Masters. While they are not physically strong or particularly intelligent, they are agile and cunning and extremely dangerous when encountered in packs. They enjoy throwing fireballs at their enemies and cannot be harmed by iron or steel weapons.


The Aurorans are powerful, golden-armoured warriors, often found in the service of the Daedric Prince Meridia. They carry large axes into battle and are highly resistant to magic and electric based attacks. When the Ayleid sorcerer-king Umaril the Unfeathered returned from the spiritual plane to the mortal realm he commanded an army of Aurorans.


One of the most horrifying of the Daedra is the Hunger, a frail and withered looking creature but with long, spindly limbs tipped with deadly talons, a whip-like tail adorned with spikes and a disturbing, sphincter-like mouth. The Hunger’s mouth is equipped with an elongated, slimy tongue that lashes out at potential prey. Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness, has many of these foul beasts wandering throughout his realm, the Shivering Isles.


The Xivilai are muscled fighters with grey skin and horns, and wield double-handed weapons. They are also competent sorcerers, able to summon Clannfear, a dinosaur –like Daedra, and often serve Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction. The Xivilai were one of the main types of Daedra in his armies during the Oblivion Crisis.


Clannfear are reptilian in appearance, with heads that often resemble a triceratops. They have slashing claws and hooked beaks, and its considered they have rudimentary, animal intelligence. They are often associated with Mehrunes Dagon, and their chilling, bird-like cries have struck fear into many adventurers.


Ogrim can be compared to huge, demonic ogres, vast of girth and not very bright but highly dangerous due to their durability, regenerative ability and immunity to mortal weapons. Many explorers wandering the ashen wastes of Morrowind have been filled with terror when they’ve rounded a rocky outcrop to find one of these monstrous beings looming down upon them.


SpiderDaedraDSpider Daedra aren’t all spider: they actually have the torsos of humanoids blended with the lower bodies of giant spiders. Armed with a variety of spells, including the ability to summon spiderlings to assist them in combat against enemies, they are exceptionally aggressive and dangerous foes. Conjurers are hesitant to summon these tricksters, as they are prone to betraying their masters.

So there you have a look at some of the Daedra: servants of the Daedric Princes that constantly interfere with the lives of mortals. With upcoming MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online we can look forward to seeing a lot more of these fiends in action.


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