Let’s Discuss The League of Legends Community

Let’s Discuss The League of Legends Community

This is an opinion article focused on the League of Legends Community

To start off, let me just clarify, I am not a professional League player, I started playing a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with the game due to its addicting gameplay and deep customization. The game takes place in the land of Runtera in which political disputes are solved in gladiatorial style team fights known as the league of legends which allows you to fight against other players using a variety of fighters from all across Runtera each with their own unique back story and play style and its completely free to boot!

There is however one problem. One big problem which has stopped many gamers from even going near League of Legends. The Community. Lets face it, every community has its bad apples, its trolls, its all-caps screamers etc but in my first PvP match, I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer amount of hate being thrown by all sides. There were people complaining that the other team was using OP champions, there were people deliberately throwing the match because they couldn’t go to the position they wanted to go to, there was even a player posting virus filled spam in the chat box! Its entirely possible that I had a bad first experience but other people seem to agree with me. So, the question arises, why is such a large majority of the community so toxic?

To tackle this problem, lets discuss the one attribute that decides any form of competitive game, skill. As with any other popular game, League of Legends requires a certain degree of skill in order to successfully play well. However, skill is not the only deciding factor!!! When you create a game in which every playable character has different strengths and weaknesses, it means that whatever character you pick, there will always be characters that are particularly good against yours. League inspires rage in players by using this balance of skill and character advantage both ways. If the other person beats you when you have the character

advantage then it leaves you feeling that the game is broken because you lost despite your clear advantage. If you are beaten when your opponent has the advantage, you will feel that the game is broken due to believing that you had no chance due to the champion match-up. Either way, you will feel that the opponents champion is overpowered or OP which coincidentally is one of the most popular complaints in League’s chat-boxes. The second big cause is that your entire game can be lost if a single member of your team isn’t up to scratch whether it be because of internet problems or being new to the game. This problem also works both ways as selfish players will sometimes use this as leverage by threatening to throw the game in order to get their way.

Despite these flaws, I would defiantly recommend this game. Once you get past the early stages of being new to the game and by extension being the butt of every elitist summoners joke, the game becomes really deep and tactical and as mentioned before, it is completely free!

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