10 Popular iOS games from September – October

10 Popular iOS games from September – October

Here are 10 popular iOS games from September, but they’re also free! Even better.

There are a lot of free games which are actually fairly decent, however it’s important to note that prices are subject to change and the games that might of been free in September may not still be free now. However they may be worth the asking price if you like them enough. Additionally, this isn’t in order of preference, it’s just an assortment of popular games from September.

Fading Fairytales – Based on Fairytales, who would of guessed? You go through turn based battles while gathering equipment and travelling. It’s almost like a turn based Castle Crashers. You can meet characters like Robin Hood or Pinocchio!

Pocket Trains – In Pocket Trains you manage train routes by hauling cargo around the world. You can collect parts to create new trains from stream trains to diesels and you can also get some special trains through daily events!

Fifa 14 – Over 600 teams and features over 33 leagues? If you’re a football fanatic then why wouldn’t you download this if its free? You’re able to challenge friends online and build your team.

Ducktales: Scrooge’s Loot – With DuckTales: Remastered being released in August, it’s no surprise to see it make its way onto the iPhone. This game contains multiplayer and singleplayer, 4 character classes and character customization. With leaderboards you can compete with your friends and beat their scores!

Dragon Finga – Fight off infinite amounts of enemies and rack up your score with an interesting fighting game. You race against the clock as you fight enemies, you can gain rewards and upgrades as you fight. If your friends play this game then you can attempt to beat their score.

Disney Infinity Toy Box: Infinite Possibilities. Endless Fun. – The game with endless fun and an endless name. This is actually free until the 15th of October so you better download it quick if you don’t feel like paying! Create your world and play as Disney characters like Mr. Incredible or Captain Jack Sparrow. Whatever you have in the console version of this game, you can sync your iOS device to get whatever you have in the console in this.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual – Wow I didn’t know what to expect… If you haven’t guessed already, this is literally the manual to the game. Telling you about the activities you can do and what game manuals usually say; like controls and usually a back story.

Grand Theft Auto V: iFruit – If your like me, which you probably aren’t then you haven’t used the iFruit app or had any interest in GTA V. But if you’re like the rest of the world then you probably should get this app. You sign in and it gives you news about GTA V and do many other activities such as tending to Chop the dog or customizing your car while you go toilet at work.

Dodge This! – You take control of a cannon and you fire at a myriad of enemies, such enemies include medieval knights to pirates. You can use a D-Pad or use gyroscopic controls for more precision.

Infectonator: Hot Chase – Infectonator is a great game, this is the sequel. It’s free so there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t get it. I for one need to download it immediately. You attack cities with zombies, you get coins and you can unlock new types of zombies such as brutes and it only gets more creative from there. But this is different, instead you chase down the news lady from the first game, you eat people to get more speed and more health as you run. However once you stop, you die. So you need to keep your speed up!

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