Beyblade Evolution Gyrates Onto The Nintendo 3DS

Beyblade Evolution Gyrates Onto The Nintendo 3DS

Beyblade Evolution Finds Its Way Onto The Nintendo 3DS Console With A Special Collector’s Edition

Rising Star Games has recently announced  that  Beyblade: Evolution is now available for the Nintendo 3DS Console. The game comes in two versions: A standard edition (suggested retail of 29.95$) and a special Collector’s Edition (suggested retail of 39.95$) that comes with a exclusive Beyblade Wing Pegasus 90WF Battle Top (Unavailable outside of japan.)

Beyblade: Evolution has been built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS exclusive hardware capabilities. Features such as the gyro sensor and AR Camera can be used to launch your Beyblade into battle in either story of multiplayer mode. The story line is based on the new Beyblade: Shogun Steel and it connects story-line between Mega Saga and Shogun Steel. Players can even unlock the new Samurai Ifrit W145CF Beyblade Battle Top to use in-game. 2DS owners will also be happy to hear that the game is compatible with the new handheld.

Martin Defries, president of rising star game say,

“BEYBLADE has such a devoted following worldwide, we wanted to create a game that would add even more depth and fun to the BEYBLADE experience. We think the fans and newcomers alike will be genuinely thrilled with BEYBLADE: Evolution.”

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