The ‘Geek’ is a Dying Persona

The ‘Geek’ is a Dying Persona

Thoughts VS Opinions The Stereotype of a Geek is Being Shattered Under the Weight of What is Now a Massive Industry

When people refer to another person as a ‘geek’ what some often envision is a small male, with glasses and possibly owning the social skills of a rabies infested lab rat. Wherever this image emerged from, be it popular culture or even a fact of the past, it is now a dying concept. The fact is the term gamer has replaced it and with the increasing popularity of games in general, gamer is now a widely used term and is accepted as a social norm. So why has this occurred? Stereotypes are a hard thing to break right?

The games industry has boomed, since the release of the first home console to the present day. Video gaming has become a more widely accepted concept with most people having played something at least once in their life time. If we look at these statistics we can see that 67% of US households play video games. Combine that with other nations and you have yourself what is essentially a significant proportion of video gamers populating this Earth. What does this have to do with the image of a geek? The fact is it has become a standard, a social norm. People generally accept that this is what people do as a form of leisure, it has changed from a niche market to a part of modern day living.

We have moved from generation to generation, with each passing year meaning more and more video gamers. This is not the only factor contributing to the death of the geek however. The popularity of the games industry is significant, however, there are further more specific factors that have led to the crippling of the geek stereotype.

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  1. What are the specific factors?

  2. Hmm, a geek doesn’t have to refer to a gamer though. You can be a geek if you have a passion for something that isn’t considered norm. Gaming may be considered norm now but what about other geeky hobbies?

    • I agree with Kyle. Video gaming culture might be a norm now, but other ‘geek’ interests like tabletop RPGs, miniature war games, or the argument on whether Star Wars is better than Star Trek might not be accepted.

      What does define a geek? If you have a passion for something that isn’t the norm, then you could be a crafting person or bird-watcher. Yet those are not ridiculed as much as geeks (I assume).

  3. Oh you guys, this article is far from finished and was only saved as a draft! 🙁 Appreciate the feedback though – Josh, the specific factors are being written about now. Kyle – a good point, but this article can be moulded in that direction with my beautiful use of the English language.

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